Hello! Glad to see you here!

My name is Aleksandr Balakin, I live in Moscow and I am a professional photographer of happy people.
One of the best days in every happy person's life is the wedding. Emotions of the day are the most vivid and sincere, and all around are only the loved ones - to share with you the unforgettable moments of your celebration.

I would like to tell a little about my approach. Choosing a photographer is a pretty important step in the wedding planning, because with this guy you will spend the whole day and it is very important that you get not only beautiful pictures, but also a pleasant experience. For me, the wedding is not "about  photography", it is "about love"! Therefore, we will not spend hours driving around the city and taking pictures in all the beautiful places. It is sufficient to choose one location where you would feel easy and comfortable.

With every year of my experience I am convinced that the best and most precious photos are the ones that show real emotions and naturalness. I sincerely wish that many years after the wedding, you were looking at pictures remembering all the funny and touching moments of your day, and not the long exhausting walks around the estate and posing in uncomfortable positions. After all, each picture is like a time machine, that will help you get back to the day when you two, madly in love, told each other the wedding promises.

During the day, I become an unobtrusive photographer who notice everything interesting at the same time. I am the person that is able to convey the magic atmosphere of the day, that is able to show the first day of your life together in the way you could only dream of.

I always bring to the shooting a double set of professional equipment - this allows to be sure that even if the technique at some point will break, it will not affect you in any way.
I have extensive experience of photo shooting worldwide (fluent English, elementary French).

You can see the examples of my work in the portfolio section right now. However,  I'm sure it will be much more pleasant for you to hold some printed pictures and browse a beautifully designed photobook. Therefore, I hope that we will soon meet for coffee and discuss your photo shooting.

Just dial the number shown below and let's get acquainted!