The photographer spends the whole day with the bride and groom. He should be nice and easy in communication and at the same time remain professional. Choosing me, you receive not only wonderful pictures but also a pleasant experience! The positive reviews by the couples that I've already shot, confirm this. You'll be surprised how easily and quickly the part of the wedding called "photo shooting" will pass!

The cost of a shooting is formed on the following calculation: 1 hour shoot = 100 Euro. 2 hours and more = 80 Euro/hour.

A minimum order for wedding shooting on weekends - 6 hours; on weekdays - 4 hours.

I recommend ordering a whole day shooting - it is the only way to be sure that all the emotions and details will be captured in the best way!
Pictures of the wedding dress, jewelry, other items can only be done in the beginning of the wedding day. Shooting at the Banquet in the evening gives an opportunity to show the real emotions of your guests, fascinated by the entertainment program and communication with the couple and each other.

Ordering the whole day (10-12 hours) you get more than 300 great photos. The exact number is impossible to predict, because it depends on the quantity and activity of guests, the intensity of the entertaining program, etc.
All the photos undergo color correction; retouching where necessary.
I think it is very important that in the 21st century, when people are always looking at the screens of smartphones, photos should be printed on paper more. Therefore, I will print some of the photos in a professional lab absolutely for free - keep them in hands it is much nicer!
Pictures on digital media and printed on paper, in a gift packing, will be handed over to you for permanent storage :)

I must say that I do not provide raw photos without correction. In my opinion, to look through 3000 photos is not just interesting, it's unbearable! If you like my portfolio and you trust my experience, you can entrust me the choice of photos - I never hide good shots! And raw photos are like food without spices. I also may use the photos in my portfolio and publish in social media - a ban on publication should be discussed individually.

Additional options

Almost everyone wants to find a soul-mate, to create a family. The biggest dream of every, even the smallest photo is to be printed on the pages of a professionally made photobook. This is probably the best that can happen to your photos. Design of the layout, choice of materials and sizes are always strictly individual, so the cost is discussed also individually.

Love-story or preliminary shooting

It has a number of significant advantages:
1. You will understand how the shooting during the wedding will be going on and will stop being nervous about it
2. You'll get used to the camera, especially if you are being photographed infrequently
3. You will get great photos without stress and struct time limits
4. The images can be used as a slideshow at the wedding banquet
The price of the love story shooting - 150 Euro 

Printing at the same day

It's an incredibly nice gift that you can do your guests right on the day of your wedding! They can obtain printed photographs the same evening, before the end of the party. Details are negotiated individually.
The price starts from 100 Euro (depending on number of photos and design)

Instant photo at your wedding party

Almost everyone has heard about recently returned fashion for instant print cameras. A few years ago, Polaroid was responsible for it. Now, Fuji Instax is gaining popularity very quickly. As an entertainment for guests I can offer Fuji Instax Mini that will attract the attention of your friends and relatives. Leaving immediately after pushing the button, these photos evoke the childlike joy! You can also use these little cards for a wishes book decoration. The price stars from 100 Euro. 

Someone will ask, what else can I offer? Of course, the work of a wedding photographer is not limited to shooting a wedding. For many of my clients I was not just a contractor at the wedding that did the job and left forever. I've become a family photographer. I have been invited to the christening of children, birthday parties, various family events years after the wedding and it's incredibly pleasant. Create warm memories for loving people - what could be better?

If you have any questions, please contact me by phone or in any of social media specified below. To discuss the details and book a photo shooting, I will gladly meet you over a cup of coffee.
A good photographer should be booked in advance, so call or e-mail me.